Why write a book on oil? Does oil matter? Advocates argue that petroleum promotes progress; put simply, it is the ‘black blessing’.
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30 billion barrels annually and 85 million barrels consumed daily. That works out as roughly 90,000 barrels consumed by the time you have read this sentence. read more...


Aeolian: Pertaining to the environment of deposition of sediments by wind, such as the sand dunes in a desert. To read more please Click on button below

Chapter 1
Origin of Oil

This chapter is the foundation for understanding how oil and gas accumulations occur and what factors are... read more...

Chapter 2
Reserves, Peak Oil and Medieval Maps

Are we running out of oil? Before we can answer that question, we need to understand what oil and gas reserves are and how they are measured.

Chapter 3
What’s In a Wet Barrel?
This chapter reveals how oil and gas asset production can be maximised through an understanding of petroleum and reservoir types.
Chapter 4
The Fall of the Oil Curtain

What would a sketch of the global landscape of reserves and production look like? read more...

Chapter 5
World Oil and Gas Production
Now we focus on the world’s oil and gas major producers (OPEC and non-OPEC) from an export perspective. read more...
Chapter 6
Properties, Players and Processes
Clearly, the most prized possessions in the industry are the leases allowing access to giant oil and gas fields; however... read more...
Chapter 7
Pregnant Ladies and Fish Bones
Striking oil relies on Exploration and Production processes. This chapter presents standard well planning and construction... read more...
Chapter 8
Extreme E & P
Worldwide, the exploration objective is clear: locate new frontiers and reserves. Every new frontier, however... read more...
Chapter 9
Mature Fields
Inevitably, all producing fields reach maturity one day so the importance of mature field technology is set to grow... read more...
Chapter 10
Pipelines and Tankers
Transportation of oil and gas is a key factor affecting the industry. Only rarely are oil or gas fields conveniently... read more...
Chapter 11
The downstream process of refining is an essential step in adding value to crude oil and creating differently... read more...
Chapter 12
Paper Barrels—Oil and Gas Markets

"Please Lord, give us one more boom. We promise we won’t screw it up this time".                                               

Chapter 13
Renewable Energy

In this chapter we consider renewable energy sources to identify what can effectively reduce oil and gas demand... read more...

Chapter 14
Exits From the Hydrocarbon Highway

Sometimes the best exit is the way we came in.
- Wajid Rasheed                                                                  


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